Testing Puratos recipes at Vinas’ ProductLab

We have had the chance to do some tests on our bakery line Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance this month. Preparing our next CID (Costumer Innovation Days) at Puratos headquarters, we elaborated many different formats of bakery products. Putting the efforts of our product installers together with Puratos team, great final pieces were achieved. You can find some photos of them taken just after they were baked and their comparison to the same product whilst being processed on the machine. Like a before and after thing.

We used our standar bakery line plus the rollingform module, the sferaform module and the decograin module. Just with the standard version of the line we produced laminated formats in rectangular or pointy shape, ciabatta, rustic big pieces, mini snack sticks, etc. Rollingform module allowed us to do the semolina (special ingredient from Puratos) baguette and the round bread pieces were made using the sferaform module. You will see the outstanding results if you take a look to the gallery bellow.

We want to take the chance of offering you the possibility of testing our bakery line at our ProductLab. The renovation and improvement of this space is something we have planned for a long time now and it will happen this year, finally.

We also have equipment for the production of very thin dough products and a Block Line for dough blocks or format machinery feeding.

The looks of the product gallery will show you ,no doubt, how well our lines deal with any dough (high hydrated dough specially) and will also make very obvious how versatile and customizable our Plaff-Plaff H2O is.

We want to thank Puratos team, Mario, Emma, Sam and Kristel for their professionalism and kindness. It was a pleasure to have them during the tests.

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