This year, and due to the Covid situation, we have decided to use the resources planned for Intersicop to invite you to our Product Lab workshop. From our point of view, much more interesting for all of our customers in the actual context.

IBA 2023 is a highlighted date in our calendar and we are going to attend to Munich with our production lines, due to the fact that we anticipate an improvement of context regarding the hopefully finished Covid era. We also have booked the dates for I.B.I.E. Las Vegas.
If you find it interesting, we’ll have an accommodation ready for you, as well as a several set of complementary activities depending on the needs of each customer and three production lines available to perform any tests you may need. We’ll take the chance to present you our last developments for 2022.
We’ll attend Intersicop to meet those of you who want to set a meeting during the exhibition, either for a chat or for the arrangements to visit us at our Product Lab workshop event.
Call or text us to +34 615 09 09 06 or to arrange an exhibition schedule or concretize the dates for the workshop at our facilities.
See you very soon!

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