Presentation with Puratos at Customer Innovation Days

Maquinaria Viñas had the opportunity to do a shared presentation during the last Puratos’ Customer Innovation Days that took place on the 11th-12th of October. The event was established for a selected group of visitors within the industrial large distribution segment. The presentation was the result of previous tests performed at our facilities near Barcelona, as a part of a research done by Mr. Mario Carbonell (R&D Manager Frozen Bakery at Puratos) which main aim was to find out, how the dough has to be handled in order to get rustic bread results, when producing on an industrial level. Viñas‘ Plaff-Plaff H2O performance was key for the industrial“ part of the presentation.

The primary subject of the CID was Frozen Crusty Breads. As public, as well as presenters of Industrial Rustic Style Breads together with Mr. Mario Carbonell, we found the presentations very interesting and stimulating. Trends on consumers habits, sensobuses and all that has to be known about frozen crusty breads.

When the time of our presentation came, we were enjoying an amazing environment located at St. Vith Puratos‘ facilities at 2 hours drive from the Headquarters. Gustavo López, Sales manager at Viñas, together with Mr. Carbonell performed the presentation that the design/marketing departments of both companies had built for them. You will find some pictures of the event on the gallery below this text. It was a success and we provided with a new vision on industrial production that allowed hand-made quality product with rustic qualities as a result.

We want to thank the entire Puratos team and specially Mr. Mario Carbonell for his trust on our Plaff-Plaff H2O system and Mrs. Cathie Cathus for her indispensable help on the marketing and material point of view of the presentation. We hope we can repeat the experience next year.

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