About us


Company specialised in bakery and pastry equipment

Maquinaria Viñas is a family-run company in the machinery manufacturing sector for the food industry, specialised in bakery and pastry equipment.

The entire value chain is developed within the company, from the selection of materials, design, development and manufacturing to the marketing of the machinery and in-house installation, technical service and continued customer support.

The solutions we offer are characterized by their quality, modularity and versatility. We manufacture completely personalized machinery to satisfy the needs of our clients: pastry and bakery chains, large food industry firms and bread distributors for select restaurants, among others.

Viñas machinery lines do not stress, degasify or extrude the dough. This feature of our equipment provides us with the same quality as a “handmade” product. Our premises are located in Cabrera de Mar, close to Barcelona, and cover over 2,000m2, including a 350 m2 testing laboratory containing everything needed by the R+D department for carrying out product tests with our clients.


At Maquinaria Viñas we have spent over 20 years using cutting-edge technology to manufacture machinery for the food industry. Three decades of continuous experience and development which enable us to offer our clients the best bakery and pastry equipment. The company was founded in 1994 in Barcelona by Josep Maria Viñas who, with over 30 years experience in the bakery and pastry machinery sector, decided to use his know-how to set up his own business. His innovation and creativity can still be seen today in the designs used and solutions offered by Maquinaria Viñas. His brave, enterprising spirit put the brand name on the world market, alongside large international companies.

The subsequent addition of his son, Sagar Viñas, with his engineering expertise and business acumen, led to tremendous growth of the company and its consolidation on the international market.

Since its creation and thanks to Mr. Viñas philosophy, Maquinaria Viñas, has distinguished itself by offering solutions for bakery and pastry equipment which obtain the same quality as a “handmade” product. At Machinery Viñas we don’t sell machines, we sell results.

Technical service and continued customer support

We have a team of engineers who take care of the installation of the machinery and offer an after sales service and any repairs necessary to ensure that the equipment always performs at the highest level. Our customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction are fundamental to us. We therefore attach great importance to the installation of the machines in their premises and make sure that they meet the client’s expectations. Our technicians in bakery and pastry do not leave the premises until the client gets what they want and until the final product achieves the goals set by the client.


We are leaders in innovation for bakery and pastry equipment, ensuring that the products made with our machinery are of the same quality as a “hand-made” product.

Our team of engineers, along with the technical department, is continually working to improve our products and satisfy our clients’ needs. That work is carried out in order to improve the quality of the final product and to get a higher productivity, versatility and modularity of our lines. Constant innovation is also what enables us to develop our machines and adapt them to our clients’ needs.