Bakery H2O Génesis

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The H2O Génesis is a basic automatic bakery production line obtaining a high quality product at a low cost. It offers unbeatable value for money in the sector.

This equipment offers you the possibility of expanding your production capacity without increasing the space of a modular machine, which allows you to add modules progressively if necessary.

The H2O Génesis achieves a very high quality product compared to other machines of its type. Control of the dough means avoiding extruding. Furthermore, you can make tapered loaves, rustic bread or ciabatta very quickly and with the advantage of being able of manufacturing said formats in the length and width of your choice.

6600 x 1700 x 2100 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Production of 300 to 500 kg/h.
  • Memorisation of electronic recipes of up to 40 items.
  • Upper and lower flour sprinkler to dust the dough.
  • Multi-roller for suitable and consistent treatment of the dough.
  • Adjustable product width depending on the interchangeable cutters.
  • Precise placing of the product in trays thanks to adjustable separation of the product.
  • Diagonal or straight guillotine to increase the variety of product shapes, rustic or ciabatta bread.
  • Semi-automatic adjustable panning device for all tray types.

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