Bakery Plaff Plaff H2O Advance

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The Plaff Plaff H20 is a cutting edge production machine for the bakery sector. This modular machine is easy to install and further modules can be added to it progressively depending on your needs. You can make any shape product with this equipment: rustic bread, ciabatta, hard dough, round bread….with the width and length of your choice.

Increase the production, decoration or shape of your product simply by adding modules to your line. Change the format of your product quickly and easily.

This machine can produce mini 6g pieces to up to 5kg loaves.

Full adaptation to the client’s trays and boards. It works also in continuous processes.

Does not stress, degasify or extrude the dough in order to provide the same quality as a “handmade” product.

Admits 97% of water into the dough due to the Plaff-Plaff non-stress treatment system created by Viñas.

Dimensions Plaff Plaff H20 Advance:
Standard: 7130 x 1500 x 1700 mm
With modules: 18000 x 1800 x 2400 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Production of 300 to 2000 kg/h
  • Allows the installation of any extra module for products such as pizza, rustic baguette, round bread, seeded bread or modules for increased production. – Memorisation of electronic recipes of up to 40 items.
  • Upper and lower flour sprinkler to dust the dough.
  • Multi-roller for suitable and consistent treatment of the dough.
  • Includes a cutting roller system (Levelform) that achieves a more uniform end result in the products and enables the optional installation of any cutting roller to cut shapes including hexagonal, triangular and creative ones.
  • Adjustable product width depending on the interchangeable cutters.
  • Precise placing of the product in trays thanks to adjustable separation of the product.
  • Diagonal or straight guillotine to increase the variety of product shapes, rustic or ciabatta bread.
  • Semi-automatic or automatic adjustable panning device for all tray types.

Configure your machine

Attachable modules Plaff Plaff H2O Advance

Module Chunker Production increases ...

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Automatic Portioning Dough

This module automatically creates portions of dough to feed the Plaff-Plaff table. The installation of this machine means you can optimize workers productivity in the machine feeding process and allows them to concentrate on unloading the dough without having to watch its fermentation as the CHUNKER does this automatically.

1800 x 2300 x 1300 mm

Module Deposit Production increases ...

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Automatic and Adaptive Deposition

This module allows for faster placing than the panning device and increases production levels by 250%. Placing can be done in a lateral or frontal position and can be adapted to fit the client’s trays. It works also in continuous processes.

1500 x 2100 x 1100 mm

Module Pitaform Can produce

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This module allows the Plaff Plaff H20 Advance to produce a thin sheet of dough up to 1 mm thick.

950 x 1120 x 1700

Module Sferaform Can produce

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Thanks to the SFERAFORM module, you can create Vienna bread and perfectly round bread from 20 grams to 150 grams.

1500 x 1330 x 1480 mm

Module Rollingform Can produce

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This module enables us to produce any kind of rolled bread, such as the rustic baguette or sliced loaves of superior quality. The quality obtained is the same as that of a “hand-made” product thanks to quality sheeting without stressing or degasifying the dough.

3500 x 1450 x 1350 mm

Module Levelform Can produce

Video Demo

The Levelform extra (there’s one already included in the Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance) creates a more uniform end product. Furthermore, you can install any type of cutting roller for shape such as hexagonal, triangular or creative ones to give the end product a variety of formats.

950 x 1120 x 1420 mm

Module Flap Can produce

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This is an accessory that enables removing cuttings from between the pieces to achieve rounded ends. It is possible to create formats such as baguettes or rustic baguettes without having to roll them.

300 x 1160 x 350 mm

Module Decograin Can produce

Video Demo

This module allows clients to decorate their bread with any kind of seed, nuts, raisins, pine nuts….

1500 x 1350 x 1750 mm

Module Pizzaform Can produce

Video Demo

The PIZZAFORM module gives us the possibility to produce dough base with thickness of up to 3 mm, according to the client’s requirements.

2600 x 1650 x 1300 mm

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