Essays in the Testing Product Lab for industrial and artisanal bread

Maquinaria Viñas always opts for planning visits to the Testing Product Lab customized especially for our clients. It occupies 500 square meters and its location is near Barcelona. The lab is full equipped with some lines in rotation, in this way our clients are able to play with our equipment and also get to know how our team works. We had the chance to get a visit from a French customer last week. During two days we elaborated different kinds of production using his own recipe and flour, which were brought from France particularly for this occasion. Together we worked with our technical staff and our R&D department to elaborate the final product our client was looking for.

Our Testing Product Lab provides of a kneader, various bakery and pastry lines, a proofer and a rotary/stone ovens to be able to bake the product the same way our clients do. This whole process is a test for ourselves but overall is a key factor that helps our customers to make the right choice. Since, even before doing the investment, one can be completely sure that the characteristics of the piece will be exactly as one’s wanted to be. And, at the same time, it allows us to learn more about each other so the client can decide if he wants us as partners, for future projects.

Finally, just mention that our equipment can be adapted to any kind of tray of any size and to any automatized industrial system.

Personal attention is one of the distinctive qualities of Maquinaria Viñas. As clearly the testing product lab shows. Interested in testing your products? Contact our sales manager at

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