Special machinery for industrial production of highly hydrated artisan bread and pizza base

Find out the last and new Maquinaria Vina’s installations for industrial production: the Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance Pizza special edition, and a configuration of Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance designed for artisanal bakery industrial production.

You can see this video that shows industrial productions of pizza base and pizza base with tomato topping. Using a special set of our equipment we achieve to maximize the speed of the production of the pizza base working in a continuous processall along. Synchronizing the production with all kinds of automatisms like depositing systems, fermentation and baking processes, etc. This automatic line is composed by a Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance with special dimensions, a Pizzaform module to get regularity and control over the width and thickness of the dough sheet and the dosing tomato unit.

We would also like to show you a set of images that explain the industrial production of highly hydrated artisanal bread. Working in a continuous way and completely synchronized with automatisms and designed with extra width and extra speed and capacity of production. Obtaining a hand made quality product even in industrial production.

This kind of installations shows how competitive Maquinaria Vinas is in the machinery market. Selling lines that, without loosing the hand made quality product, are capable of a very high production. And at the same time with a versatility of performance that facilitates the production of different formats with the same machine, allowing our customers to adapt to an always ever-changing demand.

If you want to know more about the pizza base production or artisanal bread production, please contact our sells manager glopez@mvinas.com

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