Vinas line for automatic gluten-free bakery production

The selling of Gluten-free products have been increasing exponentially these recent years. Mainly because of the huge volume of celiac allergies cases which means gluten allergies as well as other special alimentation needs.
Among all gluten-free products, the bread is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most difficult to make without loosing quality.

The reason why it seems to be so tricky, to make gluten-free bread, is the handling of the dough due to its complex properties. The gluten-free dough is more denser and catchier than average dough so, it could raise problems during its transportation along the line or at cutting stations. The machine Plaff-Plaff H2O Advanced created by Maquinaria Vinas is one of the few lines on the market capable to handle complex dough types efficiently, such as free-gluten or high hydrated types. That’s why the company Amiette decided to go for a Vinas line.

Amiette – is a brand that has renewed the gluten-free bakery and raised it to another level regarding to its quality and healthy eating. ¿The key of this success? on one side, the investigation development that took several years and the process which led to a unique recipe of ingredients. On the other side, the ability to find a machine capable of dealing efficiently with that unique recipe ones transformed in a piece of dough.

¿Final result?, a piece of bread very easy to digest, healthy and with an exquisite flavor that excelled among the other average free gluten bakery products.

Amiette has recently opened his first “boutique” in Barcelona, offering a wide range of high quality gluten-free bakery products served freshed every day.
The company’s products are marketed all over Spain, France and USA through local distributors as well.

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