Visiting our Product Lab – Round Bread

Hi there! It’s been a while since our last newsletter. Our Test Lab has been crowded lately…well, the latest news are that we’ve recently host a company from South America that already had a Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance but wanted to expand their possibilities on their market by introducing a new product, round bread. As we have three different lines with several modules in our Lab we managed to test the sferaform module with our customers’ recipe. The production varied between 80gr pieces to 35gr pieces.

After three days doing tests our customer’s opinion is that the expectations they he had before came in to the Lab were fulfilled. They left satisfied with our employee’s support with all the questions and processes. Once the different products were successfully tested they discovered more possibilities (as it usually happens) and they tried new products that they didn’t think they could do. The last day we asked them which feature of our lines they valued the most, the answer was “versatility”. They can now open a new line of products due to the possibility of adding a new module to the line without having to invest in a whole new line.

If you want to test our lines as our customer’s did last week send us an e-mail to We have a full Plaff-Plaff H2O Advance with all possible modules attached and two other lines for dough from 5mm to 1mm. Tell us what you want to try and we will make it happen. We hope to see you soon

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