Vina’s adaptation to Coronavirus environment

The worldwide crisis caused by COVID-19 virus has forced people and companies alike, to rethink several aspects of their daily life and work life to be able to adapt the current situation.
Vinas’ priority is to take care of our employees, customers and partners whilst we keep working to deliver and improve our production lines. For that reason we’ve started a new set of measures to ensure safety and at the same time to be able to provide the same quality of service and product to our customers.

If your are a customer or you’re thinking to became one:

1. We identify your needs through mail, product surveys and videoconferences.
2. We place at your disposal the VINAS PRODUCT LAB ONLINE where we can test your products, with your own recipes, whilst we make a streaming video for you to watch them live. Our technical team will be ready to process your recipe with our production lines so you can check that the results are the ones that your are looking for. Here you have an example…
3. Remote assistance on your production lines with the help of our technicians.

At a domestic level we have reorganized the departments of the company and implemented teleworking on some of them. We reinforced all digital and remote communication channels to be able to talk internally and with our customers.
When working from the office we keep the groups reduced to the maximum, everybody wears the necessary PPEs and our facilities are correctly disinfected.

Vinas is always there.

Stay safe and healthy.

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