VIÑAS Tin loaf with Plaff-Plaff H20

We’ve been talking a lot about the qualities of the bakery production line, Plaff-Plaff H2O, but not that much about its particular asset to produce laminated and rolled loaf bread.
Maquinaria Viñas began the manufacturing of the first versions of its star line, the Plaff-Plaff, more than 20 years ago. Its major highlight is that the design of the line respects the dough and is capable of handling high complex doughs such as high-hydrated or gluten free ones. Since then the line has improved in many aspects regarding the expansion of an already wide range of different products: rustic bread, ciabatta bread, boulé bread, gluten free bread, loaf bread, pizza base, traditional Arabic bread, burger bread, etc.

When we focus our attention on the loaf bread production side of the Plaff-Plaff H2O line we can see that it is able to make different types of loaf bread with minor changes. The Plaff-Plaff H2O can make high productions of laminated loaf bread in an artisan or premium style but it can also make rolled loaf bread in an industrial style with very dense breadcrumbs.

Bear in mind that with one production line you can achieve loaf bread productions and any kind of laminated bread as well. The most basic Plaff-Plaff H2O line can make loaf bread and any bread format of the length, width and thickness desired, with ciabatta or rustic/pointy shape.

The versatility of the line allows it to produce different dimensions and weights of loaf breads. As a reference it can achieve pieces from 300gr (5000p/h) to 900gr (2.500p/h).

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