Twisted Pastry Line’s tests

We have been making some tests with different customers interested in our Twisted pastry line very recently. We wanted to share the video with you all because it shows how versatile the line is, mostly regarding the customization of the twist (from half a twist to up to six twists) and also regarding the possibilities of other pastry shapes you can produce with the same line. All tests were made using the latest version of the Twisted pastry line.

Our testing lab is key for our customers. They can produce with their own ingredients to obtain exactly the product they want to sell. In this particular case the visitor was one of our oldest clients. They wanted to explore options about how to improve their current Vinas installation of twisted pastry which has been working since the 90’s. Maquinaria Viñas likes to keep a close relationship with its costumers and, off course, see them grow.

Find out which bakery and/or pastry production lines are available at our lab. Probably some of them may feed your needs and you will have the chance to make a test production using your recipe. Contact our sales manager at

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