IBA Munich 2023 live demos of our new line

Watch the video of the new line we are presenting at IBA 2023 (22-26 October)- Slimline with Napolitanaform for artisan pizza:

We develop lines and adapt them to your product. Specialists in high quality results and high-hydrated-high rested doughs. We have four main branches, bread production lines, flat bread production lines, lamination lines for pastries and pastry format lines. Find a video example by clicking on the links below:

Bread lines (multiproduct): Big format / Focaccia / Rolled bread / Small square

Flat Bread lines: Thin snacks / Pita / Lavash

Lamination lines: Full lamination line with format line

Pastry lines: Croissant /  Twists

Do you want to watch more videos? go to our YouTube Channel

Interested in our equipment? If you want to book an appointment during the exhibition or want to be updated regarding the schedule of our live demos please click THIS LINK and fill up the form.

Our team hope to see you there!

Xenia Vinas


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