Automation Solutions with Robotray

When we began to think of establishing an strategic alliance with Robotray, located in Miami U.S., it seemed the most logical step to take. We’ve been knowing each other for a long time and both companies are manufactured and share a common philosophy and method. We both offer modular and tailored solutions based on a strong engineering team.
Robotray is a company specialized in complementary equipment for production lines like ours, with the aim of automatize and optimize the performance of the whole work flow after the reciprocation of our lines. 

Some of their systems are:
The transport and movement of trays and product, scoring, depanning of the pieces to other complementary machines or packaging and palletizing of the product.

Robotray from U.S.A. and Vinas from Barcelona will offer their customers a service that’ll cover every time zone and benefit customers from both continents with their engineering services.

This collaboration will bring both companies closer to our customers, in Europe, the US and Canadá, by offering visits to the facilities of BakeryCorp, Robotray’s bakery in the US, with the new U.S.A. Vinas product lab, where a line for the production of Vinas bread will always be available to test its operation with the client’s own ingredients. In the same way, visits can be made to Vinas ProductLab in Barcelona to test the Robotray machines.

In addition, we will hold transcontinental conferences or round tables to bring together different companies in the sector (ovens, cold, fermentation, etc.) and will invite those clients who want to find out about the latest trends to prepare for the future.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of this equipment or do you want further information, send us an e-mail at

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